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As a native of Jacksonville and an experienced real estate professional, I deeply value the trust my clients place in me. Each day, I strive to surpass their expectations, leveraging my enthusiastic can-do attitude and empathetic nature to understand and fulfill their needs. Guiding them through the real estate process with care, I aim for seamless transactions.

With my upbringing in Jacksonville and its surrounding areas, I possess an intimate knowledge of the local landscape. I discern the nuances between streets like First Street and First Street S, understanding how these distinctions can significantly impact property values. In essence, I embody Jacksonville.

When I'm not meticulously analyzing data in my office, you might find me catching waves while surfing or peacefully paddling along the coast with my wife, Teri. Balancing work with leisure pursuits allows me to recharge and maintain a well-rounded perspective on life.

Jamie Allenbaugh

Jamie Allenbaugh


Born in Amarillo Texas, and Raised in Pittsburgh, as a little girl, Jamie was incredibly busy playing many sports and three different musical instruments. She narrowed her talents down to basketball and the violin, ultimately receiving a scholarship to play basketball at Flagler College in Saint Augustine, Florida.

As an award winning collegiate athlete, she earned her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and Spanish, while also traveling to Costa Rica for the summers.

Post-college, she dabbled in teaching elementary school, but discovered her passion for helping people through fitness and food! Watching her clients achieve happiness through her personal training and meal-prep business proved to be more rewarding than she could have imagined.

However, there came a time when Jamie was ready for a change. She had long been interested in anything and everything Real Estate. From RE investing, to retail sales, Jamie knew it was officially time to become a REALTOR.

Jamie is extraordinarily thankful for the opportunity to represent the 1% Lists brand—not only for herself, but for the thousands of human beings that will benefit from her decision to join. This is what she calls, the ultimate WIN-WIN! After all, As Tony Robbins always says- “The Secret to Living is Giving!”

Mandy Carling - REALTOR at 1 Percent Lists First Coast

Mandy Carling


Growing up in New Mexico, Mandy moved to Jacksonville, Florida, in 2005, eventually embarking on a career in the field of behavioral health, where she dedicated herself to empowering and supporting special needs children. Through patience, empathy, and creativity, she endeavored to make a positive impact on their lives, fostering growth and resilience in the face of challenges.

In 2020 Mandy transitioned into the dynamic realm of real estate, where she found a new canvas for her passion for connecting with others. She has honed skills as a realtor, specializing in investment and retail real estate. Guiding clients through the intricate process of property transactions, she thrives on problem-solving and finding innovative solutions tailored to their needs.

In both Mandy’s personal and professional pursuits, she embodies a commitment to excellence, integrity, and compassion. Whether it's crafting the perfect real estate deal or lending a helping hand to those in need, she embraces each challenge with optimism and resilience, eager to make a meaningful contribution and create a brighter tomorrow for all.

Mandy is excited to be with 1 Percent Lists First Coast, which allows her to provide Full Service Real Estate Agent services, offering exceptional customer service, but at less commission!

Kendall Kennedy - REALTOR at 1 Percent Lists First Coast

Kendall Kennedy


As a proud Jacksonville native, I attended The Bolles School and the University of North Florida for my undergraduate and graduate studies, focusing on nutrition and dietetics. While living abroad in Curacao from 2021 to 2023, I worked for a local real estate company, writing their monthly newsletters and blogs. I loved learning about tourism, new developments around the island, and local market conditions. In the fall of 2023, I happily returned to Jacksonville and obtained my real estate license, motivated to help every client save thousands on commissions with 1 Percent Lists. My local knowledge and experience living in the Caribbean and Europe also gives me a unique perspective when working in the community. Providing clients with high-quality real estate services at a fraction of the cost is my main goal.


Right around this time Amazon, Netflix, and other huge companies were acting as a hugely disruptive force in the areas of retail and entertainment. Their business models are extremely similar despite filling different needs. They seek to be very low cost, very low operative expenses, and high customer satisfaction.

Other companies followed suit throughout all forms of commerce and entertainment. It didn’t matter what service you needed or what product you wanted to purchase people were fighting to sell it to you faster, cheaper, and with a higher level of customer satisfaction. That is unless you needed real estate services.

Realizing this the decision was made in late 2015 to offer a low-cost solution to the general public and not make commission savings exclusive to only local builders. After countless hours spent examining real estate brokerage models, marketing and other costs, the idea was formed to list homes for only 1%.

Although there is no "set percentage", 1%  is about 1/3rd of the traditional listing fee. We knew we could offer a high level of customer service and marketing for about 1/3rd of the typical Realtor listing fees as long as we focused on those same principles as the other successful companies mentioned earlier, but this time a disruptive change in real estate. We had to increase our sales volume, but more importantly, we had to retain a high level of customer satisfaction.

With those goals in mind, 1 Percent Lists was formed.

Quickly growing, 1 Percent Lists not only is now supporting home buyers and saving sellers thousands of dollars across the country.  Follow the below links to see all of the homes for sale in each respective community.


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